2002 Scholarship Recipients $25,000

Tieu Kohler 

$10,000 / four-year scholarship(Northglenn):

Tieu graduated from Northglenn High School and attends UC-Denver.  Will receive  her degree in Psychology in December 2006. 

Rachel Lundy 

$5,000 / four-year scholarship(Colorado Springs):

Rachel graduated from Coronado High School in Colorado Springs and is  attending Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her goal is to become a youth pastor. 

Caitlin Cianflone

$2,500 / two-year scholarship(Boulder): 

Caitlin  graduated from Boulder High School and  attended the University of Northern Colorado. She will major in music with a vocational goal of being a music teacher.

Solomon Freeman 

$2,500 / two year scholarship(Colorado  Springs): 

Solomon graduated from CU-Denver School of Business with a  degree in Marketing.

Sarah Schutz

$2,500 / two-year scholarship(Monument):

Sarah is a  former recipient of a 1999 scholarship SEE THE FUTURE scholarship.  She  attended Colorado State University and has a vocational goal of becoming a lawyer.  

Head-shot of Rachel, smiling, looking at camera.
Outdoor picture of Caitlin, sitting with back against a rock, arms on knees, smiling looking at camera.
Head-shop of Sarah with chin in palm, smiling, looking at camera.
Outdoor picture of Solomon, leaning on a rock, smiling at camera.
Portrait shot of Tieu, smiling, looking at camera.