2005 Scholarship Recipients $33,000 

Kale Hensel  
Award: $10,000 Four-year scholarship
School: Brighton High School
City: Henderson
Attending: Denver University
Probable Major: Business Administration
Eye Condition: Congenital Glaucoma

David Bahr
Award: $8,000 Four-year scholarship
School: Cherry Creek
City: Greenwood Village
Attending: Denver University
Probable Major: Spanish
Vocational Goal: Attorney

Eye Condition: Retinopathy of Prematurity

Gabrielle Corica

Award: $6,000 Four-year scholarship
School: Smoky Hill
City: Aurora
Attending: UC - Boulder
Probable Major: Journalism & Psychology
Vocational Goal: Psychiatrist

Eye Condition: Achromatopsia

Amy Flynn
Award: $3,000 Two-year scholarship
School: Colorado School for the Deaf & Blind
City: Denver
Attending: Metropolitan State College
Probable Major: Social Work
Vocational Goal: Certified Child Life Specialist
Eye Condition: Chronic uveitis

Gabriel Gates
Award: $3,000 Two-year scholarship
School: Colorado School for the Deaf & Blind
City: Colorado Springs
Attending: Pikes Peak Community College
Probable Major: Psychology
Vocational Goal: Psychologist
Eye Condition: Retinitis Pigmentosa

Wayne Marshall
Award: $3,000 Two-year scholarship
City: Denver
Attending: CU-Denver
Probable Major: Human Resources
Vocational Goal:  Department of Labor Administrator
Eye Condition: Retinitis Pigmentos​a

Amy holding flower on chest, facing let, looking right.
Head-shot of Gabe, looking at camera
Senior picture of Gaby, hands together on waist, smiling looking at camera
Outdoor picture of David, sitting, smiling looking at camera
Head-shot of Wayne, smiling at cameraa
Senior picture of Kale, sitting, left elbow on tree, smiling at camera.