2007 Scholarship Recipients $32,000

Adam Campfield
Award: $10,000 Four-year scholarship
School: Palisade High School
City: Palisade, Colorado
Attending: Colorado State University
Probable Major: Computer Science
Eye Condition: Retinoblastoma (Retinal Cancer)

Michael Kemp
Award: $8,000 Four-year scholarship
School: Chatfield High School
City: Littleton
Attending: Denver University
Probable Major: Business Management
Eye Condition: Achromatopsia

Sean Conlin
Award: $6,000 Four-year scholarship
School: Longmont High School
City: Longmont
Attending: Ft. Hays State University
Probable Major: Secondary Education / Coaching
Eye Condition: Aniridia

Derek Dickey
Award: $4,000 Two-year scholarship
School: Palisade High School
Attending: Ft. Lewis College
City: Durango
Probable Major: Secondary Education

Eye Condition: Cone / Rod Dystrophy

Sara Deese
Award: $4,000 Two-year scholarship
School: Horizon High School
City: Thornton
Attending: Front Range Community College - Westminster
Probable Major: Early Childhood Educaiton
Eye Condition: Optic Atrophy

Head-shot of Sara, looking at camera with subtle smile.
Head-shot of Adam, smiling, looking at camera.
Senior picture of Sean, wearing high school football jersey number 71, smiling, looking at camera with lake & mountains in background.
Senior picture of Michael, wearing golf shirt, with back on tree, smiling at camera.
Head-shot of Derek, wearing tie & vest, looking down.