Amanda's senior picture, wearing glasses, smiling, looking at camera

2008 Scholarship Recipients

$42,000 + 2 Kane/STF Full-Ride Tuition Scholarships

Grant Fluhr
Award: $12,000 Four-year scholarship
School: Chaparral High School
City: Castle Rock
Attending: Colorado State University
Probable Major: Civil Engineering
Eye Condition: Stargardt's Disease

Jordan Walters
Award: Kane-SEE THE FUTURE Four-year scholarship
School: Air Academy High School
City: United States Air Force Academy
Attending: CU-Boulder
Probable Major: Math / Computer Science
Eye Condition: Leber's Congenital Amaurosis

Nijat Worley
Award: Kane-SEE THE FUTURE  Four-year scholarship
School: Cheyenne Mountain High School
City: Colorado Springs
Attending: CU-Boulder
Probable Major: Political Science
Eye Condition: Glaucoma

Christopher Collins
Award: $6,000 Four-year scholarship
School: Widefield High School
City: Colorado Springs
Attending: CU-Boulder
Probable Major: Business
Eye Condition: Ocular Albinism

Trevor Garcia
Award: $6,000 Four-year scholarship
School: Grand Junction High School
City: Grand Junction
Attending: Mesa State College
Probable Major: Computer Programming
Eye Condition: Retinoblastoma (Retinal Cancer)

 Amanda Grassello
Award: $6,000 Four-year scholarship
School: Heritage High School
City: Littleton
Attending: University of Northern Colorado
Probable Major: Anthropology / Art History
Eye Condition: Achromatopsia

Deng Lor
Award: $6,000 Four-year scholarship
School: Brighton High School
City: Brighton
Attending: Front Range Community College
Probable Major: Music
Eye Condition: Glaucoma

Emily Tucker
Award: $6,000 Four-year scholarship
School: Thunder Ridge High School
City: Highlands Ranch
Attending: CU-Boulder
Probable Major: Undecided
Eye Condition: Retinoblastoma (Retinal Cancer)

Trevor's senior picture, outdoors, standing and smiling at camera
Grant Senior Picture, with letter jacket, smiling at camera
Jordan's senior picture, outdoors, smiling at camera
Deng facing to his right, looking back to his left at camera
Emily's senior picture, outdoors, leaning against a tree, arms folded, smiling, looking at camera
Nijat's senior picture, arms crossed on table, smiling, looking at camera
Chris's senior picture, wearing suit and tie, smiling, looking at camera