2009 Scholarship Recipients $44,000

​​Brooke Jostad
Award: $12,000 Four-year scholarship

School: Poudre High School
City: Ft. Collins
Attending: Baylor University
Probable Major: Political Science
Eye Condition: Congenital Colobomas

Jorge Martinez
Award: $8,000 four-year scholarship
School: Mitchell High School
City: Colorado Springs
Attending: Pikes Peak Community College
Probable Major:  Computer Engineering
Eye Condition: Nystagmus

Nimer Jaber
Award: $8,000 four-year scholarship
 School: Grandview High School
 City: Aurora
 Attending: CU-Colorado Springs
 Probable Major: Criminal Justice
 Eye Condition: Congenital Glaucoma

 Jordan Ast
Award: $4,000 Two-year scholarship
 School: Northglenn High School
 City: Northglenn
 Attending: CU-Denver
 Probable Major: Music / Business Industries
 Eye Condition: Albinism

Matthew Eakin
Award: $4,000 Two-year scholarship
 School: Grandview High School
 City: Aurora
 Attending: Metro State College of Denver
 Probable Major: Art / Criminal Justice
 Eye Condition: Optic Atrophy

 Gabriel Gates
Award: $4,000 Two-year scholarship
 School: UC-Colorado Springs
 City: Colorado Springs
 Attending: Graduate School, UC-Colorado Springs
 Probable Major: Psychology
 Eye Condition: Retinitis Pigmentosa 

 Westlee Smith
Award: $4,000 Two-year scholarship
 School: Coronado High School
 City: Colorado Springs
 Attending: Pikes Peak Community College - Colorado Springs
 Probable Major: Radio / TV
 Eye Condition: Retinopathy of Prematurity

Jorge, sitting, smiling, looking at camera
Head-shot of Westlee, smiling, looking at camera
Matthew's senior picture, with arm on aspen tree to his right, smiling, looking back at camera
Head-shot of Gabriel, with even expression looking at camera
Jordan's senior picture, outdoors, smiling at camera
Brooke's senior picture, outdoors, head-shot, smiling looking at camera