2009 Scholarship Recipients $44,000

​​Brooke Jostad
Award: $12,000 Four-year scholarship

School: Poudre High School
City: Ft. Collins
Attending: Baylor University
Probable Major: Political Science
Eye Condition: Congenital Colobomas

Jorge Martinez
Award: $8,000 four-year scholarship
School: Mitchell High School
City: Colorado Springs
Attending: Pikes Peak Community College
Probable Major:  Computer Engineering
Eye Condition: Nystagmus

Nimer Jaber
Award: $8,000 four-year scholarship
 School: Grandview High School
 City: Aurora
 Attending: CU-Colorado Springs
 Probable Major: Criminal Justice
 Eye Condition: Congenital Glaucoma

 Jordan Ast
Award: $4,000 Two-year scholarship
 School: Northglenn High School
 City: Northglenn
 Attending: CU-Denver
 Probable Major: Music / Business Industries
 Eye Condition: Albinism

Matthew Eakin
Award: $4,000 Two-year scholarship
 School: Grandview High School
 City: Aurora
 Attending: Metro State College of Denver
 Probable Major: Art / Criminal Justice
 Eye Condition: Optic Atrophy

 Gabriel Gates
Award: $4,000 Two-year scholarship
 School: UC-Colorado Springs
 City: Colorado Springs
 Attending: Graduate School, UC-Colorado Springs
 Probable Major: Psychology
 Eye Condition: Retinitis Pigmentosa 

 Westlee Smith
Award: $4,000 Two-year scholarship
 School: Coronado High School
 City: Colorado Springs
 Attending: Pikes Peak Community College - Colorado Springs
 Probable Major: Radio / TV
 Eye Condition: Retinopathy of Prematurity

Jorge, sitting, smiling, looking at camera
Matthew's senior picture, with arm on aspen tree to his right, smiling, looking back at camera
Jordan's senior picture, outdoors, smiling at camera
Brooke's senior picture, outdoors, head-shot, smiling looking at camera
Head-shot of Westlee, smiling, looking at camera
Head-shot of Gabriel, with even expression looking at camera