Portrait picture of Quinita, smiling and looking at the camera with bow in her hair.
Outdoor picture of Hannah, wearing a plaid shirt, smiling and looking at the camera.
Outdoor picture of Ashley holding her dog, smiling, looking at the camera.

2014 Scholarship Recipients $22,000

Quinita Thomas
 Award: $10,000 Four-year Scholarship
 Recipient of the Ashley Fritz "Humanitarian" Memorial 
School: Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind
City: Colorado Springs
 Attending: CU-Colorado Springs
Probable Major: Languages / Translator
 Eye Condition: Retinoblastoma

Hannah Finklea
 $8,000 Four-year Scholarship
School: Home Schooled
City: Bayfield
Attending: CU-Colorado Springs
Probable Major: Philosophy / History
Eye Condition: Cone/Rod Dystrophy
Ashley Dale
 $4,000 Two-year scholarship
School: Fossil Ridge
City: Ft. Collins
Attending: Front Range Community College 
Probable Major: Criminal Justice 
Eye Condition: Aniridea & Nystagmus