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Application Deadline: April 15, 2024
The SEE THE FUTURE Fund is pleased to award scholarships to qualified visually impaired and blind students who are Colorado residents. This scholarship fund is made possible through generous donations by ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, staff, corporations, educators, foundations and many others with an interest in the lives of the visually impaired and blind. All scholarships are awarded based on individual need.


Scholarships will be awarded in the form of adaptive technology which is medically necessary due to a student’s visual impairment or blindness.  Awarded technology is intended to be used by the recipient in their home and community settings only (not within his or her school). Requests can be made for adaptive technology for no less than $250 and no more than $5,000. 

Who is Eligible?
Any Colorado resident * who submits a completed application prior to the above deadline, and meets the following criteria: * For STF purposes, a Colorado resident is one who has lived in Colorado as a dependant at least one year prior to deadline stated above or has held a valid Colorado ID for at least one full year prior to the deadline.

Educational Criteria 
Student must be at least entering a Pre-K program of school and must NOT be holding a high school diploma (Pre-K – Transition).  Student must also be working with a certified teacher of the visually impaired (TVI).

Vision Loss Criteria
20/70 or less, central vision, best corrected, in better eye, 
and/or 20 degree peripheral field or less in better eye
or 20/40 or less, best corrected, in better eye, and associated field loss with a prognosis of further vision loss secondary to underlying disease process.

Entitlement vs. Need
“Tools for Life” is a “Need Based” program and not an “Entitlement Based” program.  Being visually impaired or blind does not entitle the student to receive assistance in purchasing tools.  Qualifying financial brackets (see below) determine the amount which the SEE THE FUTURE Fund will assist in the purchase of technology.  All families will be required to pay at least a portion of the purchase price.

Financial Brackets

Please note that “total family Adjusted Gross Income” refers to Line 7 on IRS Form 1040:

1. $30,000 or below total family Adjusted Gross Income: Program will pay 99% of purchase price of authorized equipment.  Family pays 1%.

2. $30,000 - $50,000 total family Adjusted Gross Income: Program will pay 95% of purchase price of authorized equipment.  Family pays 5%.

3.  $50,000 - $70,000 total family Adjusted Gross Income:  Program will pay 90% of purchase price of authorized equipment.  Family pays 10%.

4.  $70,000 - $85,000 total family Adjusted Gross Income:  Program will pay 67% of purchase price of authorized equipment.  Family pays 33%.

5. $85,000 - $100,000 total family Adjusted Gross Income:  Program will pay 50% of purchase price of authorized equipment.  Family pays 50%.

6.  $100,000 & above total family Adjusted Gross Income:  Program will not provide assistance for equipment.

The SEE THE FUTURE Fund’s “Tools for Life” selection committee will review all applications.  Individual phone interviews may be arranged and will be determined on an individual basis.

Appropriate Sources for recommendation for the “Tools for Life” program 

Having a student evaluated by an appropriate professional is critical for the success of the technology for the student.  A statement or report is required from at least one of the resources below: 

Please note: Assessments by the professionals listed below need to have been performed within two calendar years of the date of application.

The Colorado Low Vision Evaluation Clinic (Discuss with your child’s Teacher of the Visual Impaired (TVI))
Optometrist specializing in Low Vision care (Updated list may be obtained by calling STF)
Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVI’s).
Certified Sales Representatives in conjunction with a low vision optometrist or the TVI:  Most, if not all, technology is supported by a sales representative.  This representative is able to demonstrate the latest technology to the student and the optometrist or TVI is then able to determine the functional outcome for the student.
Payment, Ordering, Delivery, & Training:

The SEE THE FUTURE Fund will inform the applicant via mail or email if they will receive the requested adaptive technology.  Payment by the family will need to be received by the SEE THE FUTURE Fund prior to ordering the device. 

The SEE THE FUTURE will order the device and coordinate with the family and TVI the location of delivery.  Sales representatives may be contacted to assist in dispensing & training of the adaptive device. 

The SEE THE FUTURE Fund is not responsible for providing training with the adaptive technology.  The SEE THE FUTURE Fund will be available to assist in locating professionals who may help in the training process. 

The recipient and his/her family will own the equipment.  All warranties and repairs are the responsibility of the recipient and are not, in any way, the responsibility of the SEE THE FUTURE Fund.

Selection Process
Applications will be reviewed by the “Tools for Life” Selection Committee and applicants will be informed of the committee’s decision as soon as possible.  Students who are denied, due to lack of scholarship funds, will be kept on a “wait list” and re-evaluated when appropriate funding is available.