June 12, 2023

Recap 2022

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graphic of orange artistic sun rising over the following words: Celebrating 26 Years 1997-2023; stt the future scholarships for the blind and visually impaired


Certificate Programs ​​(ie. Massage Therapy)

 Associate's (2 year) degree

Bachelor's (4 year) degree

Master's Degree

Doctorate Degree

"Your gift of education is something I will take with me for the rest of my life, and I am confident that I too will one day give to others. I am eager to begin my journey as a rehabilitation counselor and contribute to my community by helping people with disabilities reach their employment objectives and fulfill their highest potential".

- Respectfully, Dora Lopez  (STF Recipient 2016 & 2012)

Build an Educational Foundation

for the Rest of Your Life

- Colorado Residents Only -

Head and shoulder picture of Dora, looking slightly to her left, long, dark har covering her right shoulder, wide smile
Picture of ariel view of a portion of the Air Force Aceademy Golf Course with the Air Force Chapel in the backgrund. Save the date, Eye Open golf tournament, Monday June 12, 2023 8:000 AM, Eisenhower golf course United States Air Force Academy. A fund time for golfers of all abilitites. Thomas w. Theune, OD,. 719.640.0997. www.seethefuture.org.
See the future logo. Top of logo is a vibrant orange sun against a black background, with the words See the Future Fund, Scholarships for the blind and visually impaired in white letters below.